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February 7, 2008, 6:55 pm
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Since I haven’t been posting a while I thought now is a good time to get back into the spirit.
I just first want to give everyone a Happy New Luner Year, (Chinese New Year to some) which is coming the Sunday after this Sunday. I plan to have lots of fun, and I hope all the asians that celebrate it have fun too!

Let’s see. Today’s post I’m going to post about School + school sports + my life + jobss >.> + maplestory


Guess I didn’t do so bad did I. 3.8 First freshman semester doesn’t hurt at all, infact I got better than more than half the people I knew. It’s just that I got a B in math which shames me compared to other asians lolol. But school’s life is fine. But I’m afraid I’m shying away from normal everyday life, I guess I don’t have much to talk about now a days. Just hang out with my friends and sometimes some of them act gay funny weird everything you could imagine.

School is exhausting at times though. I seem that it’s like a labor camp or even a prison, because of all the endless lectures. I remember some of the people said that our school has a higher workload then most. It’s because we’re so called “prestigious” or something.

School Sports

I got cut. Anyways moving on.


Linux is great, may be a pain in the ass to install but once you get it, it’s no longer a pain.

Trying to get back into the maple addiction.


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lol nice job.
that sucks i cant believe the stupid racist coach picked that fatass white boy over you. you were so much better than that bitch. ><

Comment by drey

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