im trying to install some form of linux
January 29, 2008, 7:42 pm
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but im not sure which form to install.

i was considering KDE // Gnome or maybe another one which has a really exotic name. I guess I’m pretty much just discovering replacements for ugly windows xp. just fyi for everyone, Linux is FREE, and it has OpenOffice which is like Microsoft Office but a little better (no stupid auto format, etc) anyways. I guess my life hasn’t been going at all well. I’m really having grudges against my family, and some times I just wish they could go away. School life is fine.

guess that’s all guys 😉 ill post my new desktop if i install linux ;D

and im also restarting maplestory with my friends in khaini. hopefully MS works on linux xd later yall.

EDIT: ok Fedora vs Mandriva vs openSUSE vs ubuntu/kubuntu

and KDE vs GNOME >.<


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hi, have u tried ubuntu ? it’s great you know 😀

Comment by suprie1983

i’ll be happy to help you, you can add me on Y!M or AIM

Comment by suprie1983

i’ve used three of them…

in my opinion, Ubuntu is the best, or if you want mandriva, use PCLinux instead, it’s a mandriva derivative… what is your pc specification?

Comment by suprie1983

*buntu is great for the beginner. I’d stray away from OpenSuSE and Mandriva. Both are riddled with problems (IMO). Fedora is excellent for the beginner also.

If you’re more interested in the guts of the system, grab Fedora. If you’d rather have the “dumbed-down” approach, get *buntu.

As far as KDE vs. Gnome, it boils down to one thing: simplicity (Gnome) vs customization (KDE).

PCLinuxOS, as mentioned by Suprie1983, is an excellent choice as well. My personal recommendations are still *buntu or Fedora.

Comment by linuxcrayon

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