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January 16, 2008, 4:50 pm
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Happy Winter, because spring is around the corner.

Today’s Finals:

Part 3 Spanish Final : Spanish Grammar and Culture

2 Page Persuasive Essay on : “How do you feel about your personal freedom, and your national freedom?”

got out of school @ 121o ;]

today was alright. woke up at five, and did some last minute studying. after exams and everything, i was bound to flunk spanish. well im not very optimistic when it comes to my performance in education. me and my friends decided to trek a journey from our high school, to our old middle school (about 4 miles) and when we were halfway done, (45 minutes in) we decided to run for the base and be lazy asses. after we got there, we met a few cops (they said hi) some old school staff, (hi too) and my friend gave keys back to an old man who lost them. we weren’t allowed in the school because of the new nutty principal, so we went to the liquor store, and then we came back and snuck into one of our favorite teacher’s classrooms. then we just hung out and then we went home.

we didn’t do singing rehersal today because one of our members couldn’t come =/


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if LOVE is stupid
i STUPID you.

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