oh no?
December 24, 2007, 12:40 pm
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no more. no less. don’t second guess
i l a u g h . i love. i l i v e. i c r y.
&& sometimes i
wish that i would die
somedays i’m funny. others i’m not
sometimes i’m in overdrive
& i can’t stop
you may not
like me. thats okay.

cause this is me
& how i’ll be

더 이상. 나가 실소한다 것 을 더 적은은 둘째로 짐작하지 않는다. 나는 사랑한다. 나는 살n다. 나는 울n다 & 나가 나가 & 나는 좋아하지 않을지도 모르지 않는다 & 나가 이을 것이다 까 라고 이것이 나 이는 그렇는 원인 이는 나 너를 멈출 것 을 나가 오버드라이브 장치안에 때때로 나 있는 재미있은 다른 사람 이는 일의 어떤을 죽을텐데 것을 때때로 나는 바란다

I’m afraid that my wordpress could have been broken into. So I had to change my password over the weekend. It seemed as if the hacker has edited 12 of my posts, and for some reason the most read posts, and turn them into nonsense. Anyways, this should explain if your looking back into my blog to the reason why are some of the posts so weird… Anyways. I hope this won’t happen again.

  • My grand total for Christmas gift buying is $431.15 for 33 people, friends + family.
  • Most expensive item was World of Warcraft 1 year membership card for my cousin.
  • Least expensive item was a deck of cards for my friend who does crazy magic card tricks

Merry Christmas yall.


I have restored all my blog posts that were damaged. Everything is now back to normal 🙂


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What the heck. $431!
That’s more than I make working my job in one month.
anyways merry christmas


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