Quote, and rewrap of december
December 16, 2007, 2:50 pm
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Don’t search.
Just see.
Don’t speak.
Just hear
Don’t hesitate.
Just act.
Don’t be scared.
Just love.

찾지 말라. 다만 보십시요. 말하지 말라. 다만 망설이지 않는다 들으십시요. 다만 행위. 위협하지 말라. 정당한 사랑.

Let’s start with beginning of December. Well, I started playing another game again. Soldier Front. Thanks to my friends. It’s a good game, FPS in fact at ijji. It’s not addicting, I just use it to play with my friends and have some fun in fact. I sang for our High School choir at two community events also. It was fun, I had some away from family time there. But unfortunately one of the events was at the cost of not being at one of my boy scouts party. I’m very sorry for that.

I had change in friends also. I made a couple new friends, and lost a friend named Phillip, he moved away sadly. And made a friend and lost him right away. This guy named Elvis. I met him at my braces place, and I guess I will never see him again. I got my braces off!

Lol, life has been unforigiving because I got the flu. I don’t know. Life has become a breeze but I have to go now. I hope you guys are still reading.



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아, 한국분이세요 ? 저 한국에 한 17년 정도 살아서요 ㅋㅋ

I read on your “about me” that you want to
get into univ in Cali…good luck dude d(>_<)b

Comment by B0WJOB

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