Time for a post
November 16, 2007, 10:42 pm
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Many things have happened, but I’ll just recap from last saturday. I have lost my labtop somewhere lol, but I just can’t find it, so that’s the reason why I couldn’t post, I had to sneak get onto a computer -.-

 But I guess I’m closing to straight As in school. Lol, 79% in Algebra 2 Trig and 88% in Spanish, and everything else is an A my family life has been going on like we’re all isolated from each other, we just live our lives in our private little space we call our own. no conflicts, and i hope it stays that way.  i’ve quit maplestory i can finally say that it has ruined my life, and probably worsened by grades, so br far,m i have quit it. for good.

dear savage, if you ever read this, im very busy and will try to be back on maple news SOON i promise.

boy scouts; not much happeneing, but I had to drop out of one of the skits because I missed an important meeting due to JUDO 😀

judo; i won 3rd place in the intermediate division, orange rank, 13~14 yrs, 90-120 pds lol. it was one of the Silicon Valley championships ;p so i guess i did pretty good out of a group of 18.

and i guess my friends play with me Gunz and soldier front, and i sort of tried rakion and didn’t

 that is all for now



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