…is this a joke?
November 5, 2007, 9:52 pm
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Woowww. wow. wow. wowow. lol.

My weekend was boring. End of story :] Nothing really happened other than homecoming, and things like that are a little personal ._.

Well I’m still looking for a camera for my birthday, my mom is giving me the money but I still need to see which one should I pick haha.

Let’s see. Today was a very exciting day. I think it was pretty funny, but then again, I think it wasn’t.

Well, we started off with PE with the teacher being very lazy and made us run around in the fog for about an hour lol. I probably got a mile or two, but we were just having a fun jog around, cause he was being lazy 😛 Then I had Spanish, where we did some stuff and I still laughed at this Indian kid named Davinder, cause he sucks balls at spanish 😀 the only thing that probably made me a little argumental? I don’t know how you say it, but there’s this “What a nerd” girl who takes all these easy ass classes in my spanish class, and she was dancing around saying “yes! yes! yes! I got a 4.0 gpa!!” Seriously. She needs to shut up, because she knows that she’s taking easy ass classes like Algebra 1 and she only has fucking 5 classes and most of us has 6/7… she really pissed me and my friends off, and I was about to tell her off. Well, then we had to turn in our homework, and lol, when she came by to check I just grabbed my friends and said it was mine, then gave it back so we both got credit, and we haven’t been caught so it was pretty funny.

Math math math math. Aiee, guess it was a boring class, just hung out collected homework, did notes, and did a partner quiz. -.- nothing great their.

Biology, pretty BAH. nothing much happened, other than we started working on our reports for photosynthesis. AVID, I got a 3/20, which pissed me off, because the teacher said I was the top student in the class with 114% jesus, fucking asshole that graded my paper, I’m going to argue this shit tomorrow.


thiswasanextremelyfunassclasstoday. lol, so it started out like this, we started literature like any other day until this bboy named erik said he wasn’t feeling so well.. well 15 minutes into the class he trys to run outside and he barfspukes all over the main classroom door and the hallway, So we’re all like YUCK, and some kids go outside, i decide to go outside too. then this kid asked us, why are you guys standing in the middle of the hallway? and this guy goes OH YEAH IM GONNA TELL ON YOU 😀  then he walks in then he SLIPS ROFLMAO. HE SLIPS on the puke and he’s like UGHASGDIHAD. IT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNNY LOL. then we went outside because the smell was horrid. then there’s this kid ditching our class ( he was just hanging outside cause he almost never comes to our class ) and he gets caught by the teacher while we were going outside. and he was like… oh shit.

lol. this day is great ..


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that’s really funny lol. wish i was there to see it. by the way was it erik yeh?

and i guess who that girl was NOT ME 😀
just tell me at school who it was.

Comment by Jenny ate alvin for breakfast

lol i saw erik running it was fucking funny >:D
i dont know, but you go through the funniest shit.

Comment by HEY`MANG

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