November 1, 2007, 4:11 pm
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I’ve taken on a healthy diet to try to stay just normal weight. It seems like I’m gaining some weight thanks to Halloween so I’m going to try to keep my weight and body shape at a healthy size. Anyways, I posted a lot last time, but I wish everyone had a happy halloween. And also those living around the bay area, did you feel the earthquake and after shocks? They were amazing 😀 and scary.


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Ha. that’s what Ive been doing lately!
Cardio exercise helps a lot (though they can get boring…I say play some ball game like soccer)
and try weight lift since Muscle burns more calories than fat…

also eat RIGHT. 🙂

and yea, after that incident i dont AFK in FM anymore ~.~
although I did leave my char in FM Ch 1 once
and came back after 8 hours and found I +4 fames 😀

Comment by B0WJOB

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