October 30, 2007, 7:15 am
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Couldn’t post yesterday because I didn’t have internet.

Shit. seriously. I really hate my mom now. There’s this growing anger inside me that won’t stop. I try to calm it, but it just keeps on growing. I don’t know why. Here’s my story. The couple days ago of my life were like hell. im not kidding either. they were unhapplily hell.. I don’t know where to start.. well. here’s a shot.

last wednesday was my birthday, and i enjoyed the school part of it, my friends bought me a cake, balloons and stuff and i was very happy. then i picked up my bro and he made my day too. so did my dad. but then around 7pm my mom comes home and she ruins my happy day, she doesnt even say happy birthday and she acts all drunk and crap and talks to my dad about work. seriously, and around 11pm when i finish my homework, i ask my mom anything special, my dad smiles because he knows that it’s my birthday but my mom was like. “UNH? another wednesday that’s all” SHIT.
that totally ruined everything. i mean, what kind of mom forgets their kids birthday. seriously, that really ruined…. it still is ruining me. i have been crying for no reason at all at home. its just. i dont know, but the worst part is… theres more.

thursday, well good school day, and like wednesday was ok ok. i guess nothing really happened on that day other than me and my mom got into another argument. i dont know, but im really thinking that shes more and more of a pest.

friday, i watched high school musical on ice with my friends, and my mom had to fucking come and bought her own ticket, which was near my friends, and me and my friends know that she couldnt please to eavesdrop anytime she can so we just talked about the show and passed notes around on paper. idiot :]
but i guess she could have been angry because she was giving me the cold shoulder at home after.

saturday, i went on a hike, and after that it was supposed to be dinner night for my birthday, we rarely go out to eat only in random/special occasions, but what happened was i chose where i wanted to eat (i think it was chile’s or something) and my mom changed it to some freaking chinese food place, and it was MY birthday. that also ruined it.

sunday, my dad takes me away from my mom, and me dad and bro actually have a fun birthday, at some french place, i guess you could say i enjoyed it, then i went to the bookstore to read some books…

monday, (that’s today!) nothing really… just typing this up and hating my life with my mom as it already is.

i guess relations between my dad and bro are cooling off, but the relation between my mom is growing worse.

and as for school, im doing better in math and have pulled off 5 As 1 B+ and 1 C i hope i pull off 7 As :]

and maple. well really didn’t have time. but i hope you guys are still reading.

well (ahem right now moms being a total asshole) ive been learning some XHTML, HTML, CSS, PHP, and MYSQL, and also learning more on maple graphic comic design, technocrati (some blog thingamajigger), w3c (validating crap and stuff :D) around wordpress (not hosted from but actually hosting and having plug ins and stuff) mediawiki, which is pretty cool, and a simple forum (i dont really like forums, this was just a wordpress plugin) other things is i looked into GIMP, opensource, creative commons, HOW FIREFOX IS GREATER THAN INTERNET EXPLORER :D, apache, and SUN o/s and diffrent o/s’es (lol plural)and i guess im just learning web design right now. what i plan to do is to make a maplestory database based on gms, but also have some news put on it from


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