October 12, 2007, 9:54 pm
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The last few days have been stressful in life. I don’t know why but things haven’t been going so well. It’s been turning gloomy and stuff. And I have gone more depressed against my family. Which is never a good thing. They. I don’t know, I feel more comfortable around my friends then I do at home. Seriously, I wonder if there is someone out there in the world who feels how I feel. How I feel. Is a totally different story. I am anxious about my grades because I got 1 C- right now and I got a 1 B. (C in alg2/trig, B in Spanish) That never makes me feel good. I have an A in all my other classes, but everyone knows that this isn’t what asians accept. Anyways I also have a fear of having to move real soon. That doesn’t make me happy either. My life has been going an upturn on my social life, but I’m not going strong on academics. Right now I am going to try the best I can on my academics especially on math and spanish. I mean all my other subjects are basically easy because I study. But I also study for Math and Spanish and I don’t get satisfactory grades. Man, if anyone was in my shoes. They would be as depressed as I am. Seriously! ARGH. Man. I’m so stressed and sad at the same time.

Today was ok. Nothing much happened in my life family or judo. I’m just emotionally doomed. And I expect not to go on the computer any time soon any more. So this may be my final goodbye.

I have 6 weeks to turn a C- and a B to an A. And also to maintain my 5 other classes as an A.

Maplestory – Nothing Much I hit level 32, but I don’t play much now.


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