RIP Starburst
October 8, 2007, 9:05 pm
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Guild disbanded today because of classified reasons.

Anyways today was a school day as always, but nothing much happened other than cram study for this and that. I’m kind of usnure of my grades but I know that my gpa is greater than 3.1 and lower than 3.7, that’s still a big range (progress report, not Transcript)

I also made a blog for maple news, you can see it on my blogroll. I’m kind of depressed right now, and I have been thinking, is it worth leveling. I see the dedication in other players, and hopefully I will get back into the spirit soon. But I did go ahead of goals, I mean I was supposed to be 30 this friday, but now I’m almost 31. Anyways hope good luck on that.

My family problem has been getting worse. I’m not sure if I’m going to move into a home with internet during the renovation, and that will probably ruin my whole life. No more maple news no more friends in maple no more emails nothing. Because you can’t play maple in school and I’m pretty sure WordPress is restricted. I’m very gloomy about this, and the problems between my whole family against me has been going worse.

My dad is being a jerk to me as always and a eavesdropping fool, and he is plenty annoyances enough. My brother has been the little snitch for little things, and making them a big one, a fake liar, and a big time .. i’m not going to say it. and I’m not going to start on my mom. But as you can see, I’m not happy at home. I’d rather be at school 24/7 then here. I want to.

end post.


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ay, when are you going to LPQ. Im still waiting >.>

Comment by danny

not very soon im only level 31 -.-

Comment by windjungj

Wee your level 32 ;]

Comment by Danny

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