October 3, 2007, 10:59 pm
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I am applying for a job here, and so far am in the process. I have multiple jobs that I serve here and I think it’s a great community. Once I get settled in MNN, I will probably start suggesting and speaking my mind out. I am currently an article writer, part time editor, and a image designer, also with some CSS knowledge. Anyways this place is cool, and you should come and check it out.

In real life, school has gotten into the way of things, I’m just trying to stay ahead of the pack, and everything is a big rush.

I’ve ended up joining 2 clubs : Key Club & VSA

Those 2 clubs are what make me happy =] and I guess I’ll just stick with them. Anyways life has been boring like always, and I’m just cruising by, I really don’t care anymore. But life is ok. Hope I can stay with the pack. My family and friends have been ok, and I guess nothing much will happen for the next few days.

In maplestory I have turned level 28 and am now married ;] yayy. She’s a nice girl I tell you, and she’s very cool. Anyways That’s all for now guys.


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Comment by Derrick

I’m guessing it’s windjungj? Anyway, it’s Savage here…interesting blog. Feel free to check out mine…if you want we can blogroll each other or something.


Comment by Deejayn

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