A few interesting things.
September 30, 2007, 12:42 am
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Anyways, the past few days have been somewhat of a breeze. Other than a few sad things like one of my fishie died 😦 well it was old anyways. But… let’s see… Thursday I really uhm just went and breezed along school and Friday I just had fun with my friends at judo. Life is sort of boring right now., And in school a couple of days ago, our teachers gave a lot of homeowrk (90% of it is math T_T) anyways. I hope I will be able to intercept a progress report of my grades that are coming home next weekend. We have a scout-type event and I want to be able to get the letter before my parents see my Bs 😦

I forgot to upload some pictures I wanted to show, this is just a visual reminder.

My life with my family isn’t going along all too well. My brother always annoys me, my mom is a perfectionist, and my dad is a 2-sided numbnut. My family is very disfunctional, and I’m the person who doesn’t participate in arguments, or goes on one person’s side. I mind myself and only myself. I’m kind of tired right now cause I’m staying up all night, but I really don’t have anything to do since my family are all so extremely tired.

Today was a boy scouts and stupid party day. Boy scouts was pretty much ok even though nothing much should or would happen. and I guess the party was bad. It was a total waste of my time, and I really despise my parents for this.

I was going around sites in google and found something unbelieveable.

AT&T NEW TOS < interesting things in here

It’s kind of interesting to see what companies do to their customers. I won’t say anything else since I’m also using AT&T.

Anyways so I guess the last few weeks of my life have been… he he boring.

And hopefully it won’t be as boring.

Either way in maplestory, I am now level 27 and gaining ;]

New goals :]

  • Level 30 before 10/6/07 (includes second job test)
  • Level 40 before 10/20/07
  • Level 50 before Thanksgiving
  • Level 60 before Xmas
  • Level 70 before MLK Day
  • Level 80 before Valentines
  • Level 90 before 4/1/07
  • Level 100 before 6/15/07
  • Level 120 before 9/1/07



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Wow…. your life is interesting.

Comment by Denzel

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