Level 25, Well reaching before goals.
September 27, 2007, 10:25 pm
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Woo hoo! I leveled about 3 times today from PQing and I’m pretty happy lol. Either way maple is kinda fun, and theres nothing much happening. My real life is real boring right now. So I don’t feel like talking about it. Anyways, I’m just really bored now, and uhh I’m just setting new goals for myself! I want to reach Hermit so badly, I have dedication to it, and I want to reach it. It’s a class I enjoy playing, because I don’t pick by which class is more powerful, I rather choose on the fun factor. Anyways wish me luck ;D (BTW I GOT NX TODAY YAY!!! xD i just had to get that out.)

New goals

  • Level 30 – 10/12/07
  • Level 40 – 10/30/07
  • Level 50 – 11/26/07 (Thanksgiving)
  • Level 60 – 1/1/08
  • Level 70 – 2/14/08
  • Level 80 – 4/1/07
  • Level 90 – 7/1/07
  • Level 100 – 9/1/07

I’m confident in the first few goals, but the last few are “tentative”

Either way I’m really bored right now.

Click more if you want details on my life couple of days ago.

Life has been ok so far. Anyways the last few days I just breezed by school and my disfunctional family, and just did what I normally do. Nothing much happened, until today, when I got off the bus stop early to stop by Target to buy some NX Cards. I decided to buy 50,000 NX to start off with and I would be good till Thanksgiving ish. Anyways, my life has been boredom factor much, and school too.

This week is “CLUB WEEK” and I’ve joined 4 clubs, but I wanted to join 6 (Me crazy, but im thinking of dropping octogon)

  1. VSA Club (Vietnamese Student Association)
  2. Key Club International
  3. FYO Club (Filipino Youth Club)
  4. Octogon (Cheap make-up of key club)

Some interesting clubs were:

  • FIGHT AGAINST THE ZOMBIES !!!!111! (It’s a fun club, too creepy for me)
  • Leos (preppy club for girls and pom poms xD)
  • Trees (Enviromentalists, and tree huggas)
  • Spirit Club (more preppy people)
  • Photography (took my picture once too many times)
  • and you cant forget the POKEMON CLUB!!! (i didnt join though) it’s really fun.

Out of all the clubs in my school those were the most interesting I could say.

I also joined Duels (

It’s a fun site to waste your time on when you’re bored. Pretty much. ;] But I might start adding blogs about duels too. Anyways.

Anyways I’m out of things to type, so later guys ;]

And comment my blogs.


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Hey I love your blog ;]
Join VSA iHeard its amazing!

Comment by Wonton of Kilratiana

^ Thanks man

I’m still thinking about VSA, but I’ll take your opinion into account ;]

Comment by windjungj

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Comment by AppeabMip

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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