hey. Hopefully things won’t be so bad.
September 18, 2007, 9:14 pm
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I have finished packing for all my stuff to pack away for 5~6 months hopefully. All I am keeping outside is my aquarium and my labtop, and all I might use my labtop for is to try to find some free WiFi internet (my city has it ) and occasionally play maplestory and go post on my blog. We are probably getting some Public Storage place to store all our stuff, and I don’t know renovating could change my life. I think.

My birthday is coming soon in less than a month and a half, and I just want a camera, lol. I got the clothes and whatever I could dream for. But I think I just need a camera, (i got one of those “Pay as you go” Phones and I don’t really need one anymore hahah!) But that’s all I’m hoping for.

 PE : Mile Run today. I suck cause I haven’t ran in a while, my average is 6~8mins, and i got a 10 A BIG FAT 10. OMFG. xD I’m hecka slow but I think I’ll work up to it soon.
Alg2/Trig: I have an A+ in the class, and I feel great about that. The class goes by as a breeze just requiring some study. I think math is easy, but it ain’t just my thing =]
 AVID; Choir;: AVID we got a motivation speech on getting to college, and he’s cool. And Choir we sung songs, and my voice cracked on the high parts, it was funny. Anyways, I’m bored now, and have one lsat thing to say.

I need opinion’s on what new character job to make in maplestory, and which world (MSEA/Maple Global/Maple Europe)

I so far have no idea, I just want anything that can make my time go as a breeze and be fun.

Just help me choose (my page will come out soon)


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