Thank god. </3 and other day happenings.
September 17, 2007, 7:50 pm
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Well, today was pretty well. Guess some things have been so good after all! Haha, I’m serious!

Well today was a 6-day class and it was pretty ok.

PE; nothing much happened other than we played basketball, me and my friend jerry just shot some hoops from the 3-point line and had an ok time I guess you could say. Nothing really happened, other than this certain jerk in the class purposely picked on kids. Like he threw balls at them. He threw them at everyone including his friends, to me I think he’s just a big fat jerk. Other than that PE was great.

Spanish; Spanish EXAM Friday, I think I’m doing pretty well :] Spanish is pretty easy and simple at times compared to the other hard-butt languages ha ha. I don’t really like my new seat, there’s these two people behind me who talk all the time, and it makes me hard to concentrate, in fact I think they are annoying, and I don’t really like them, but I have nothing against them. I liked my old seat, where there was people I would actually talk to, and they weren’t as annoying, and they were actually funny.

Algebra 2 / Trig; Today was our first chapter test(these tests are worth 50% of our grade so its damn serious!) heh, it was pretty easy other than it took me the whole class period to do mine, and I had to come back for a part of lunch to finish it. It was a little challenging requiring thinking and remembering the formulas and what to do with them. I think I did pretty well I hope.



They found my freaking notebook!!! Hell yes I won’t fail biology any more. Either way we had a quiz today and it was easy, even though I didn’t study, I love god now cause I prayed for a miracle last night and it happened! That makes me feel much better about this school, and how it is. Hah! I love this school, everyone is so nice. I just love it that I had my notebook back. But other than the quiz nothing happened in bio.

AVID; boring course, end of story. hah, this is just a “helping class” supposed to help you get to college. I might stay for a year for the fact of 70 starting kids only 17 stayed throughout the program until their senior year and 100% of them got into the colleges they wanted. that inspires me but the work is very very challenging. it is demanding of your ability, and to stay ahead of the pact.

Lit/Writ; SSR, some poetry discussion yada yada. nothing really happens in this class cause I really take a nap in it. I don’t really know what happened, but the class seems real easy.

At home; Finished up packing my stuff, hopefully their will be internet in the place I’m moving to otherwise I’ll have to use the school internet (probably before or after school for personal internet use) to continue blogging and checking my email. Hopefully they didn’t block wordpress. but I don’t think they’ll let me use it.

Other matters; this entry is very long because I am seriously pissed at my mother. she is currently outside holding a grudge against the whole family and i can’t post this at the exact internet time that i want it to. i am very pissed at her, and sorry if this becomes a very late entry.

Maplestory: I went up a few ranks and got 5~9% ish. I think i made a profit of 19k (after selling all drops and rebuying pots) aie.


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