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September 16, 2007, 6:41 pm
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Today was a pretty boring day. Typical sunday, my parents just stay at home, and nothing really happens. But there’s one particular thing about this Sunday that is different. My parents are renovating the house in 2 weeks and we have to move everything out. Hopefully, I can bring my labtop and get internet at the 1-room apartment we’ll be living in for 5 months (renovation period) But, it’s for the better, even if I don’t get internet. Heh.

I don’t know what to expect, but hopefully it’s good.

Ranking 9/16/07

Maplestory was ok today, had some fun times with my guild, and I just trained and talked. I guess I have to enjoy my last few moments, before I have to move, if we don’t have internet. Yet, I’m still hoping the place will have internet. Cause if it doesn’t I’ll probably turn into a book worm.

My school in biology is doomed. All my other subjects are fine but the problem is that I lost my biology notebook which is a chunk of my grade (notebook was stolen, that’s the truth). I haven’t received the file of notes from my friend (I can rely on him, but I respect him still because he already stated to me that he was busy over the weekend) yet, and I can’t copy my notes from anything (we haven’t gotten the textbooks yet, and even if we did, the notes probably wouldn’t come from there. It was mainly lectures)

But, yet again it is just one part of my grade (less than 1%) but in the beginning it will be worth a lot. My only hope now is not to slack off, and copy notes on everything else the teacher gives to us. Heh, what bad luck I have so far.

Well, I’m going to prepare for school tomorrow. Blogging has become very enjoyable, and a habit. Hopefully I don’t lose this habit over the period where I don’t have internet (if I don’t)


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I hope for the best that you don’t move ;]

Comment by [SG] Main`E

Why dont you help your parents ? I mean you could have helped your parents in the renovating progress instead of playing maple.

Comment by maplepoet

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