Pretty much a good day.
September 14, 2007, 4:58 am
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Warning, explicit language is not censored.

No I take that back.

It WAS a good day, until my mother….

Okay, today was sort of funny. I woke up and got ready to go to school (leaving my family asleep), left home for the bus. On the bus, my mom called me on my cell phone: “OH MY GOD, WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE US UP!!!!” “I’m sorry but I had to go to school, you guys do have an alarm clock” “NO EXCUSES, IM LATE FOR MY MEETING, YOUR BROTHER IS LATE FOR SCHOOL, AND YOUR DAD IS LATE TOO” “Not… my fault.” “WHATEVER GOOD BYE”


Haha, ok so that wasn’t the bad part… YET

School was so and so, Spanish.Biology.Lit/Writ

Spanish: Nothing much happened, blah blah blah. I just got switched because this kid was a talkative person so we switched seats. Nothing really bad, just less people to talk to. Blah blah blah. (Note to self 2 quizzes and exam next week)

Biology: omfg, i lost my notebook!? I’m relying on my friend to type up his notebook, email it to me, so I can copy it to another notebook, cause someone stole mine i lost it. (no really it got STOLEN)

Lit/Writ: ahh, how to end a day but a nice day of literature and writing? Eh, not much. Just forgot to turn in a paper and I turned it in. and nothing much happened at school


Bus: eh same old again.

Home: nothing much happened, but ugh. I’m kinda wanting to rant about my bad things already.

Maplestory: Nothing happened much +1 fame, and just grinding at FoG, pics will be uploaded at the next post (on the other computer ><

Orange belt ftw!Judo: (it’s a fighting class) Well, we did some hardcore training and I ranked up!!! yay 😉 now I’m orange belt.

rantrantrant: I hate my mom, she disconnects my internet to annoy me, I hope I didn’t die in maple. Anyways, that’s what’s pissing me off. She’s SOOOO annoying. JESUS >< man. fuck her, she’s making me so pissed off. and it’s supposed to be a good day too, but she has to ruin it. SHE RUINS EVERYTHING GAURHJKASRGUTGE =`[

Other than that it was a good day.


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very interesting..

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