La la l` (uh oh!)
September 13, 2007, 3:06 am
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Lol, guess nothing other than boring school today.

Well did you know that I play Maple Story?

I use my friends accounts, since they want me to level them, and anyways im bored.

  • DeathArtist – Level 5x Hunter
  • Admiral800 – Level 8x Priest
  • HartBr0k3n – Level 7x Ranger


(And yes they quit.)

Anyways today was a boring boring blah day at school. Nothing much happened other than Choir class lmao, some kid was singing and his voice cracked in the middle of the song, he must of been soo embarassed.

I really don’t have much to say, school is pretty ok ok. And nothing really much is happening. I just hate a few kids, made some friends etc etc -.-

Well, I’m going to do my homework T_T


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Nice looking blog,
Did you design that header
(the rainbow one) ? I like it :p

Comment by B0WJOB

i love your profile.

Comment by [SG] Main`E


Comment by [SG] Main`E

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